Little Miracles

The little miracles mean so much to me to see the confidence in the clouds and the ambition and the drive of the birds and the butterflies seeing a smile come over someone’s entire spirit can make warmth take over your emotions.

Every minute of my day is spent trying to solve another one of life’s mysteries and it’s so wondrous when you come to the realization of all the beauty and all of its extensions

It is in a child’s smile

It is in the fixtures in the sky

It is in your grandma’s hugs and kisses

It is in the eyes of your beloved when they are watching you

Every chance I get I embrace one of the magnificent beauties around me and I am enchanted by the magic of everyday living

In my life I try to spend every day appreciating my surroundings and this makes life more than just bearable. It helps it become more beautiful and how it is all worth living for.

Soul of Aly

Sunrise in Mexico on my honeymoon

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