What am I looking for? I am sifting through my mind pushing past the troubles and mishaps, my brain can’t withstand the depression of my past. I know why I am where I am now. It’s just hard to see what I had to go through to get here. I saw so much pain inflicted upon me I tortured myself trying to find a love that would love me in return. I wanted someone who could understand me and still accept me and respect me and I tried to make others be my true love and devotion and no wonder it failed every time because they weren’t right for me, I wasn’t wise enough to cherish real love forever. I had to grow to appreciate someone first. I had to remember what was important and what was negligible. I needed to see the path I walk and all of its obstacles, I needed to be ready and willing for my life to play out. I opened my heart and all things fell into place. It’s true what they say about love happening when you least expect it. This life of mine is sorting itself out and by nourishing my surroundings I have become someone to be proud of. I believe I am loved for who I am and that is truly beautiful to me.

-Soul of Aly

My wedding party

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