The way your skin melts into mine when we are so close together, as though we are joining as one, sends trembles through my toes, my muscles, my bones.

All the tension drifts away and I allow myself to be completely comfortable and vulnerable to your every touch.
You’re sinking into me and my back arches with extreme delight as your hands slowly pulsate my skin and with your lips swiping my face, whispering words of sheer pleasure.
There’s no wonder why I am always dreaming of you.

You make me feel beautiful and there is nothing more sacred than that.
It is no wonder why I always want to be with you and feel these tingles and sensations because I like where they’re coming from.

They’re coming from a sweet place that has been closed away for so long.

I have been so afraid to show face, but with you, I wear my heart on my sleeve and hope that you will attach yourself to it and follow me into the Garden of Eden, and the places where love truly dwells.

Come away with me then and let me sweep you off your feet like you swept me off of mine.

-Soul of Aly

Finally Married

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