Be Still

So how do we create our destiny from here? Be still and know that God loves you! (My new favorite psalm) I have to be free from encumbrances to reach my full potential and it’s harder than stone to block the bad juju and negative energy that flows so close to home, literally!! I had it working for me for about 7 days before Christmas and then just as we were about to embark on a new year, a new beginning, I got sick and my depressive nature took over leaving me quite crippled and broken down, so much that my grandmom Yunk’s voice had more than worn me down but my nerves were on edge and my household suddenly seemed like I was drowning in sludge, slowly, not quite sure, but I made it to the shore (after about 10 days of DOOM, which means DOOM for Nick too) because let’s face it, I am his cheerleader and his golden freedom to be a silly, sensible child!
All the pieces are fitting together as I am getting my thoughts organized about the necessity of Nick’s positive, confident, attentive attitude toward not just school but for life in general and the huge role I play in helping him acquire a fruitful education intellectually and personally! These quiet times I am so grateful for because writing truly is an outlet that better serves my fruitful succession in life (in general) and when it comes to seeing the beauty of who I truly am under all the frustration and misconceptions. I cannot concentrate on finding a way out of the rabbit hole when I literally don’t talk myself through it!!
As for the task at hand (a meeting of the minds for Nick), I am just going to proceed as I had the confidence and courage to do when I initiated the meeting before I got sick! I’m back BABY!!! Be still… (it holds so much truth and beauty all the same) I am a splendid, loving, and giving soul and I deserve to give my son the best of my spirit and he has to have the same flowing spirit somewhere within him, it just lies dormant until I call it out like I just did my own!! AHA!! That’s it, “treat him as I treat myself.” What I do for me, applies just the same to my son. I need to organize the elements surrounding Nick’s demeanor and possible root cause (if any) and or the resolutions that best suit Nick personally.
– Soul of Aly

Our trip to the Statue of Liberty

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