To My Future Husband

I love that you are so helpful and considerate.
I love that you help your family when you can.
I love that you love children and want children of your own.
I love that you are so goofy and impulsive.
I love that you say things completely out of place.
You make me smile inside with all of these things and more.
You keep me wondering what lies beneath.
Because you show me something new every day.
I love it when you hold me and kiss my face.
I love that you are so full of passion and grace; adventure and danger sometimes too.
I love that you take me even when I try to resist.

Only you could ever just disable me that way.
I love that my body tingles at just the thought of your touch.
I love being thought of all the time.
I love your generosity and sweet simple gestures.
I love that you like me just the way I am.
I simply and crazily love all of you.

-Soul of Aly

puppy love

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