Nurse Melnick

Nan not only raised her own children but her grandchildren as well, she unselfishly gave her life to all of her children and to those that she encountered as an RN. She loved her husband, Frank, and missed terribly as all of the children did after his passing. She was the toughest and most stubborn woman I knew taking on not only her own problems but her loved ones as well. She lived a long life but could not have done it without the support of her children and grandchildren as she cared for them in their time of need, they gave back to her when the roles reversed. She was loved by all who knew her and was a teacher to all of us as well. She was always good at giving someone advice, maybe not so good at taking it. She always knew the best way, the only way to do things and had a hard time letting others be caretakers to her for that was her role and always had been. Let us not remember the last few years that she battled with illnesses but recall the frisky willful soul she always was that her spirits around you and guide you as you walk through life and know that she is walking right beside you.

– Soul of Aly

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