The wind whispers and stretches across the universe’s galaxy, still you feel as if it blows only for you. Then you let that gust take you by chance to discover that you are not alone, you are travelling along and moving on. Catch me, I’m falling away from all I’ve ever known flying high against the sky waiting to exhale. Travel through emotions that stand still against time. You are never really alone. Open your heart and touch love. It’s always there. Look above. Turn around. Capture trust and gratitude for the life that’s yours alone. Each choice brings us closer to a truth that is justifiable that you make all on your own. Make no excuses! Everything that challenges you allows you to grow with pride, and you just know you’ll love the ride! Our spirits are full of generosity, laughter and goodness, loyalty, trust, and hope. All you have to do is learn to trust.

– Soul of Aly & AnnEm

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