Lamb of God (For Aunt Catherine)

Though a hard exterior protected her heart her true self was revealed when she smiled. This little ball made of fuel, and, fire and fury when she opened her mouth you knew there would be advice or conviction to follow. Her heart has the strength of 10,000 men. She proved her faith time and time again. Who else do we know that lived and survived all of the distress that she endured? When my memory recalls her precious moments, I think of her always dancing! To all the truly Blessed who knew her, we know how passionate she was, especially when she swayed to music. She loved to be surrounded by family as she was embraced by them. Though she was stern and stubborn and amongst other things she was a softy underneath the veil of strength. I can smell her perfume and picture her dressed to impress, as she made herself beautiful. I always saw her true self when my son was born, she loved my baby as much as she loved her own. Her persona lifted up full of love and she glowed whenever she was in his presence. Even though my son may not recall these memories I will make sure to keep him reminded of how much she loved him. I will remember all of the love that she shared, not only with me but with all of her children and sisters. Picture the love she shared with everyone as she is reunited with loved ones. I see her dancing with all of her brothers and sisters as she is reunited with them at the Golden Gates in heaven, she will forever stay in our heart’s memories and future experiences. Her heart was too big and strong to fade away. She is always with us, loved, cherished and never far from our hearts. I loved my precious aunt Catherine,

-Soul of Aly

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