You are my Sunshine

There is a trembling stirring, a welling emotion growing inside followed by a long deep sigh of relief.
A spirit that shines so effortlessly does not fade with time, but instead grows stronger through the gifts she shared with all of those who remain close to her.
Some say it takes a village to raise a child and she was that whole village.
She not only raised one child, but five amazing children who passed their ever-lasting admiration for family to their children and grandchildren.
Family is so precious and our family has always held these morals in high standing, along with the closeness and dedication that stretches beyond measure.
You have been a constant in so many lives, whose driving force inspired them to be confident, independent, strong and thankful for the lives they were given.
There is a sadness inside us all to lose such an influential member of our lives, but it is because she is so important to us that she will continue to quietly whisper all the things we long to hear, nudge us in the right direction should we forget which road to walk, and most comforting she will always catch us before we fall and stand us back on solid ground or be a crutch until we can walk on our own again.
Let us believe in her presence though we cannot see her because she will never leave our side.
As for me, she is an angel who held my hand through childhood and guided me through adulthood.
She was such an important part of my life. We shared more than our fair share of laughs and tenderness over the years.
When I see a rainbow in its magnificence or a butterfly in flight and its God-like freedom as it takes to the sky, I will think of you.
You will continue to motivate my journey, inspire my integrity and fill my heart with love.
-Your loving and adoring great-niece
-Soul of Aly

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