Blue Eyes

My grandfather was more like a father figure to me than anything else. He taught me that laughter is the best medicine! He was also a father figure to most of the kids that grew up with him in Eastwood. He was always cutting up and cracking jokes. He had his own dialect and words and phrases. I often told him that we could put Webster out of business! He was an extraordinary dancer and all the ladies couldn’t wait to dance with him. My grandpop was also a beautiful singer. He was so proud of me for the woman that I’m becoming, and recently witnessed my mom graduating, which made him full of pride. When sifting through the trillions of memories they all have one thing in common: laughter & smiles. He always said how lucky he was to have the kind of wife he had in my Grammy, who never gave up on him nor lost her faith in him. She was dedicated to taking care of him, she loved him unconditionally. We will all miss him so very much, but we must take comfort knowing that he is with his sons watching over us. When the path we walk is dim, be comforted knowing we are not walking alone. When searching for answers to the questions of how and why we must remember that though God’s motives may not always be clear, we should never lose faith that God may not be evident but He has love for us all. Life is short. What we make of it with our time here is our choice to make. Never miss a chance to tell someone how much they are loved and appreciated because tomorrow is never guaranteed. Be thankful for today and for yesterday’s and make as many joyous memories as possible. My grandfather, John Walter Tappen Sr., had the most exquisite blue eyes that would just draw you in. He will be sadly missed but most remembered for the joy he brought to others and for the life he led, having fun all the way. When someone we love is taken from us, the way for them to live on in our hearts is to never stop loving them.

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