Unburden thine self

With all the options that we have in our lives, I’m glad I chose the right path this time. I feel like I’m finally putting all the pieces of myself together. I’m finally reaching my ambitions and achieving stability; I can grasp my reality without losing my grip and my faith. I am so proud to say my name and I am sure of where I should be going. Such a great burden has been lifted from my shoulders I feel like I am where I belong now all I have to do is learn to spread myself through the galaxy of my life. My children are so important as well as my sister’s, my loving grandparents and my great mom and dad who are dearest and closest to my heart. It is they who I shall conquer first as I will shower them with the powers that be and take that wisdom and move forward to my family and rain on them the beauty of the world after I have showered them with the love of us together, I will have the knowledge and the tranquility to teach the children in our lives how important having choices and options are and how to choose the right path in this challenging life that we abide. One life is all that you may get so I am thankful to have all these colors of the rainbow in my world.

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