Share your song with me

I think of you when I’m all alone

I dream of you while you are by my side
I am skeptical at times but don’t take it personally. It’s just that I have never been able to trust anyone so much

I think of you as my equal, I need you in my life

You give me the security and stability that I lack

You give me that giddy feeling over and over again

You make me feel like a little girl so full of ambition and intrigue
I want to be known by you.

I want to know what you are thinking about

I want to know if you dream about me too

I want you to tell me that I am the one you’ve been waiting for
Am I the answer to all your questions?
Am I the one you want to give yourself too completely?

Will you stay with me when I am losing faith?
Will you guide me then too?
Will you cherish all the things that I hold dear, will you promise to always make me feel adored?

Will you please always be honest with me and true and I promise to be the same with you?

Will you never give me a reason to doubt?

Tell me then all of your thoughts you think

Tell me the experiences you’ve had the sexual fantasies you still seek

Let me know how you became to be the person you are today

Show me the way to your heart, tell me what you need and I will satisfy your desire

I promise to give myself only to you and all that comes with it and I mean all of it

I hope that you are ready for this Because I am head over heels in love with you and I plan on sticking around for a while, as long as you’ll have me. I love you with all that is truly divine. I hope that you can feel it and every minute of your day I hope that you can feel it in your dreams and when you wake up in the morning, I hope the first thing you do is smile because you are so loved by me.

I am overwhelmed with joy and at the same time I am afraid that it will all come crashing down around me someday. Please tell me that you and I will never be over and that you are always going to be there.

I think I am as beautiful as you think I am today. Every moment of our time together is precious and I always cherish your presence. I will try never to take advantage of you or you’re being here.

I am so glad that I took a chance and followed the messages in my dreams. You really are the smile on my face and the goosebumps covering my body. Thank you for taking a chance on me.

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