Sometimes the road we walk is not traveled alone,
But with a confidant whose footprints seem to overlap our own
Some may say we are walking hand in hand with God, but as for me, it is my mother who carried me through the fog
When I soared through the clouds lined with silver
It is she who was my guide,
Or through the lair of darkness
She walked proudly by my side
When impossibility shadowed my desires
She paved the way for sunshine
For both of us to groove too
When sorrow or defeat took me for a ride
It’s my mother who said to me
It is never too late to try
Endless hours filled with laughter and plenty of tears to subside
My glory is my mother, my truth, my sacrifice
Never has someone
Been so selfless and so kind
To patiently put someone else’s feelings before hers
As she set her dreams aside
My savior, my hero, my mother
No one could ever deny
It is your turn now to receive love
Hold on to your dreams today
And take to the sky
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow
Mama, you’ll forever have my pride.

-Soul of Aly

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