My Angel Baby 2008

You are as sacred as they come. Everyone we know adores you because you share your love with them. I sometimes wonder where my flaunting flashy ways come from but I know that flare comes from you. After all, you taught me style, poise, and grace! Every time we hug or kiss, or noozle I think about how so many people are fortunate to have an angel on their side. You are loved in every way and you are prayed for and blessed by all who know you, But you’re my Grammy all mine! Your strength and endurance have gotten us through some pretty hard times but it was your faith that helped us persevere! I admire you for the life that you’ve chosen to lead, for being so loyal, and so giving; for loving, for listening, for teaching me to cope with everyday problems and life’s disappointments, and most of all for your beauty that shines on us like sun rays. You are as beautiful today as you were when I opened my eyes for the first time! Oh, how lucky I was to have you mold me and it’s because of the strength you gave me, I finally feel like the wonderful and talented woman and I know that most of it is you’re doing. My favorite memory of you is going to keep me connected to you for infinity and it goes a little something like this: Grammy got on the swing with a little help from above and maybe me, and she had never been on a swing before so I wanted to capture it on film. Of course, she looks adorable but when she said “Look, Mom! No Hands!” A calm came over us both and it had been revealed to me; to never give in or give up! Whatever the matter, when someone says, let’s forget the bad memories and remember loving, touching, squeezing, and teaching, molding, guiding and Stay Gold!! Right, Gram?!

I know my lesson to learn here on earth and it is surely PATIENCE!

But I told Gram “I think fast, walk fast, talk fast, write/type fast, and in a way, I have to change my image a little bit before my life can begin again.

I’ve loved you Grammy in a way that can never be crossed and if I had my way, I would give you everything you desire! you’re a true angel, a statue of virtue, a woman who will always be admired. I am yours forever and you are mine! I love you more and more every day, always remember to stay gold!

Love always your favorite granddaughter.

-Soul of Aly

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