Stay Gold

Purity is exhibited in our everyday lives. It can appear in your children, parents, friends, and even enemies. It is distinguished in a flower or a leaf falling from a tree. Purity can be felt in the breeze flowing through your hair. It is the essence of all that is around us. We just have to open our eyes to see how beautiful our lives really are. A phrase I learned long ago defines purity to me: “Stay Gold,” which is to simply look at things from the eyes of your inner child, when things were so fascinating and beautiful. Before we were tainted in any way by anyone or something impure. The meaning of purity is innocence and chastity. And though evil can rear its ugly head we must remember that in our hearts lie these truths and purity. If we close our hearts and our minds to immortality, being pure will encourage us to be strong against evil. If we look at our children, we will see all the beauty of being pure, exhibited in the way they laugh and play cheerfully, which further provides evidence that we too can find this purity again. I have lived by the phrase ‘Stay Gold’ since I first saw the movie entitled, “The Outsiders,” and in the movie, Ralph Macchio’s character Johnny uses these words to say goodbye to his dear friend. He tells him to ‘Stay Gold.’ This saying also reflects the meaning in the poem written by Robert Frost, entitled “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” and it gave me hope that I too could acquire and obtain an untainted and unafflicted soul as pure as that of a child. This changed the way I view the world and how I began to see it through childlike eyes. Whenever I find that the world has felt like it’s moving in the wrong direction, I remind myself to stay gold. I turn my energy to the feeling of innocence and purity. In the movie, the Outsiders, the words stay gold were used to recognize all the beauty in the world that we sometimes take for granted. When we miss out on sunrises and sunsets, we don’t get to feel relief and happiness. Instead, we wallow and grieve, while ultimately letting life pass us by. Remember things through the eyes of your younger years, when everything was new and grand, like when you saw your first rainbow. Robert Frost shows another perspective for the poem’s meaning, in the title with the title ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay,’ which reflects the sadness and darkness growing in the world. Where nothing in this world is portrayed in its glory and everything is taken for granted. Why is it that in this world we cannot stop and recognize all of the innocence surrounding us? Why do people find it so hard to take time to examine the simple things in life? There is a great wonder in the majesty of the butterfly or even a hummingbird, and if we don’t take time to slow down and notice these gifts, life can pass us by and we will miss the opportunity to grasp purity in every single moment. It’s the simplest things in life that inspire us to love with our whole hearts. Remember the early years of your life when nothing mattered and you were free? This is purity! Try to recollect the memory of spinning around with your arms wide open until dizziness overcomes you and makes you feel like a child again, this too is purity. Undo the walls that have grown around you. Release tension. Free yourself. Life is what you make it. My goal is to spread this epidemic throughout my world and let it grow further and stronger. Purity can be found anywhere and in everything, but most of all it is inside of you! It all starts with you believing that you can each make a difference in this life.

Soul of Aly

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