Aunt Vicki Ocean Breeze

I stand before you today humbled by the tragic loss of my beloved Aunt Vicki.
It seems so long ago since we came so close to losing my Aunt.
I am eternally grateful for the past few more years we have had her presence in our lives. It was by the grace of God that she came back to us and we got to share so many more years of memories with her. She was given a second chance at life.
I recall the conversation she and I had when she came home from the hospital. It was then that I could feel the truth and depth of the love she had not only for her family but for life. And then she expressed how grateful she was for the days she had ahead of her and for the first time when I told her I loved her: After all those years, she finally told me she loved me too! I never felt so special!
My Aunt Vicki loved children, especially babies, most definitely her own babies and grandbabies! Ava and Ranae were everything to her. They were her joy and sunshine, hope, and grace.
Not to disregard her own girls, she was the proudest mother I’ve ever known. She has been so proud of all of Karen and Rochelle’s achievements!
And love like my Uncle Gerry and Aunt Vicki share can only live amongst the stars forever. She was his whole world and he was hers. They had so many adventures together, raised a set of beautiful, brilliant, respectable daughters, and have endlessly loved and adored their grandchildren together. In fact, nothing gave my Aunt Vicki greater satisfaction than spoiling her grandbabies to no end!
My Aunt Vicki had a huge heart, a giving soul, and a wonderful life.

-Soul of Aly

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