Tearful greetings, smiles and embraces that last for hours.
Fighting and making up and feeling that love all over again.
That is what love is.
Love is so much more than words and emotions.
It is deep thoughts and worshiping.
It is caressing and praising
It’s healthy and strong.
It’s passionate and encouraging and it’s treasured and needed by all.
Love is so underestimated.
When you don’t realize that love is around, you miss out on so much.
You forget to look for tiny inklings, like when you get to see someone dreaming and smiling in their sleep, or when you smell that freshness of the essence in the morning or witness all the hard work they put in for the day.
Sometimes love is underrated and knocked down because of the pain it can cause,
But true love is about accepting and appreciating the company of someone.
When you let your feelings dangle waiting for surprise and let yourself smile inside, that is being in love.
Love is when you are waiting for someone to come home and they are late so you get so worried and plan on telling them about their self when they walk in the door, but then they get home so you hug and kiss them and tell them how worried you were because love knows that you might not ever get the chance to worry like that again.
And that you should hold on to your love and always remind them how much they are appreciated and adored.
Don’t ever lose the chance to embrace love.
Cherish love while you have it and don’t ever discourage it. Just live it.
-Soul of Aly

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