Liar Liar

I weep and wither through this frigid and dreary winter
I take a plow face down on the icy pavement
little did I know that this moment would change my life, put me back on track to my future self
The squandering helpless bird has something to say, something to finish
something he would holler if he didn’t have a beak
Something is stirring churning inside of me
Something is turning and disturbing my being.
Somethin’ ain’t right is what I’ve been yelling to the sky to anyone who might walk by
Yep, something is wrong and it ain’t with me or you, something is wrong but with who?
Something that’s been gnawing at my innermost spirit crying at me
while he is lying to me for how long I don’t know
his little masochist is ready to confess that she’s alone with a pain inside her chest she says she’s ready to give in to the child within her who’s ready to catch the rainbow but if she speaks on this
she won’t see it; she’ll never see it. If I am to live on, I must hold my tongue too and keep this secret, keep it inside of me.
Could the wind so frigid and so cold, freeze the monumental memories of our life so that we will never grow
I am the master of my universe, the master of my fate, I am the captain of this ship no more of me shall they take! These chickens who feed and frolic in my blood are people who don’t give a sh*t about you and who compare you to everyone
I am in a class all my own, so no matter with who or where I roam, in this land or the next, I will walk beside my Lord, savior and protector and know that he will be just and kind and he would never let me fall but enable me to walk and never cause me to fall. Like I said before, I know something’s coming; something may be on its way, but this time around, my house is in order!
And temptation will never breach my doorstep, nor have any place in my life. But if the sneaky snake slithers into my home me and my posse will be all over that sh*t like gangbusters!
I believe in second chances, not three or four! ONE time is too many, and like told ya before; my house is in order so bull sh*it gets no play up in my house no way!
-Soul of Aly

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