-Soul of Aly

-soul of Aly

Be not boastful, but full of pride, and have the courage to use your pride for greater things!
God has you right where he wants you.
All the pieces are in place like a chess game.
I feel like I’m being played. Some people know this and some may not but I am a girl who sometimes likes it hot and might I say not a little girl who hasn’t seen enough. Succa, I am a grown-ass woman who ain’t even gotta prove how tough. Plus I got problems of my own, a child of my own, and material things I own, but never will somebody own me so you best believe that if you bring me your bullsh*t I might have to teach you a lesson about me and progression. See First I was blind, but now I see all the colors of the rainbow are beaming down from heaven singing to me… Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Hear me, God! I am here right where I’ve always been. I see the divine symbolism and the system of the down but I haven’t the tools to predict all the elements that are surrounding me now. All the pieces are in place like I said before. But I’m not playing games anymore. Now then when you hear me, you will hear me roar! You’ll hear me like you never have before! I’m back in the flesh and bone and I ain’t never gonna roam ’cause I’m back and doin’ it on my own!

-Soul of Aly

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