The Crescent Moon’s Exposure

The moon tonight hung in the sky by a translucent string. I gazed at it and then discovered the North Star. I made a wish on the glowing beam. I wished for my miracle to finally appear, my miracle being love! God knows it’s taken centuries for that contentment to arrive. Young with an old heart. The wisdom of all knowledge is foretold behind the dark eyes I’ve disguised myself with. These eyes show a different person than what lies within. The figure with sparkling eyes is the one everyone knows and loves. But the dusty glow underneath the mucus surrounding membrane tells the tale of a weakened little girl who is frightened to leap forward! A young being that is too frigid and fragile to take the next step! She’s afraid of never knowing the future, but most of all never facing it. Every day, one step at a time is the story told by many, only I want to dive right in right now, but I don’t have the strength to do so. Looking for the person you were is hard when you don’t remember her existence. It’s been so long since I opened up to anyone or even tried to let the light in. I hide under the covers. Hoping that someday they will be ripped from me. I’m just wondering when that chance will finally come. Damn! How preposterous life can be, but then again, what you seek is what you find…
-Soul of Aly

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