As the clouds moved in the sky they designed themselves in the most glorious display of grays and blues and with the hint of sunset.

I could still hear his laughter the cutest giggle and the sweetest smile that stretched across his handsome face. And I can still see his glittery twinkling eyes and hear his comical voice. Bryan was not just a brother to his siblings but a father figure as well. He was most admired by his biggest fan his baby sister, Tonya. The love the two of them shared was genuine and selflessly given to each other. He always reminded his girls about their self worth and dignity, especially his baby girl and best friend, Lissy. “B love” Paved the way for his many admires through his impulsive no-quit attitude, instilling a lifelong love of adventure and spontaneity. As a father he bestowed his affection continuously extending the aspiration of having love infinitely. The admiration and dedication he showed for his mother and daughters and siblings. The same was evident through his unselfish acts of benevolence. Because of the endless abundance of love and respect he displayed, Lissy remains a most beautiful soul loving and living life with the same passion and strengths her daddy showered her with. Family was very important and precious to “B.” We were all blessed to know him and even more so to obtain the love of his beautiful girls. Brian was so many things to countless people. He was always extending and sharing his strength and endurance with his family and friends. There was never a dull moment when you were with “B.” He always knew how to make you smile even if you were struggling. He brought laughter, shared adventure, and captured the hearts of everyone who knew him. touching so many people, the numerous friends he acquired, and of course twice as many family members. Even those meeting him for the first time could feel how sweet and free his spirit was. He is an unforgettable soul who will be remembered and commended for his upbeat, happy-go-lucky, go-getter personality. Our love remains within his soul as his love shines through our spirit. To know Bry was to love him. He was always willing to help anyone, on any project, and was always quick to dish out advice and commentary as only he could do. He lived his life full of courage, desire, endurance, passion, and laughter. I can still see his beaming eyes and glowing smile reminding me that his spirit lives on in our lives And there is love after life.

Bryan Keith “B love” Jupin Jr.

April 18th 1975-Aug. 2, 2012

-Soul of Aly

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