The isolation of hell deteriorates the soul.
Midnight’s horror could not meddle with this terror.
Screams of mindless worries tempt thee to forgive.
Settling for nothing is the goal at hand.
Forceful entries rip flaws apart.
Insecurities were found without the cause of knowing.
A sheer painting of life.
A desecrating bellow.
Colors of dread fall before.
Scared of being inexquisite any longer.
Heartless treasures blind weakness.
Ludacris is hidden behind closed doors.
Watch as they fall.
Lovesickness from cruelty.
Be sane no longer.
Wallow in your fountain of problems. Go drive yourself away.
Think of what only matters to your future.
See this wretched site.
Feel this aching heart.
Look at this pale face that appears to you in the cold.
Fear not, for you belong to only you.
-Soul of Aly

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