It’s never too late to find yourself.
I hope that this inspires the prosperity of life in my fellow believers.
I wrote this a few years ago and it helped me to revitalize the treasures I have always held. The person in the mirror holds the answers you may never find unless you reach the inside of yourself and believe in you.
-Soul of Aly

There has been something growing inside me for years.

screaming, burning to escape from deep within.

My skeletons stay with me long overdue.

My hope rises upon deep skies so blue.

I need a grander picture and a much more secure review.

A newer happier me, someone more like you.

I can never quite describe nor confide or render a few, or cast the shadows that hang down covering you.

Today I am so limitless unbound and new.

A brand-new perspective and clearer point of view.

My spirit reconsiders the universe’s greater scheme.

It protects me, it surrounds me with the love that is good to me.

-Soul of Aly

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  1. Beautifully written !

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