Amy Yunk

I was born to be a teacher, singer, dancer, lawyer, and cop, but I was also born to be a mother.
I have mothered since I was a child. Minding details that were swept under the rug, I was put here to be a voice, a smiling face, and a friend to things both living and dead.
I am and always have been the cheerleader with a thoughtful gesture to anyone in need.
But now I must focus on the life I wish to live, to the fullest I might add.
My son is a product of his environment just like everyone else, and I am blessed to share life with him.
He will grow to be a man someday and I want that grown man to be proud of me and accompany me always.
For that to play out, I must first heal myself inside and out so that I can be all that he needs me to be.
If there has ever been any doubt in God’s love for me and my family, it all floats away when I think of all the memories we’ve shared together and how we will continue to make so many more. Our family is sacred, both the immediate family, as well as our distant relatives.
We are all blessed with time spent with each other and to have truly known one another.
I have to keep reminding myself who I really am under all my self-inflicted flaws and selfish behavior,

I am Amy Yunk, like it or leave it.

-Soul of Aly

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