Sometimes life can seem to unravel right before your very eyes.
It twists and turns, winds and shifts. colors blend and mix to form pictures.
Sometimes reality, but in other circumstances, dreams.
Consequences are always presented, as well as sacrifices,
But with each rising and setting sun
We live and breathe just to carry out our lives.
Injustice, imprisonment, battles, and friction always jump into the pool of life.
Though we may not want to face the cruel moments through our journey,
There is no way of avoiding these stages.
Misery may fall before you, accompanied by depression, but that one happy time that overrides all these difficulties can bring a smile that makes all the misfortune disappear.
And for that one second of remembrance, you can peacefully sit back and enjoy the love that surrounds you.
It’s always there.
It always has been.
You just have to make your way back and find that place again.
I look at photographs and I see affection, compassion, laughter, and the true ambiance of being loved.
I find that joy I knew in those captured moments and I begin to recapture that feeling again.

So, you see, though there are hardships in our lives,
There’s also peace, discoverance, knowledge, power, and most importantly pride.
Those are the silver linings in the clouds, the outline of the story.
Not the negative that surrounds you.
So, try not to be afraid of living,
Instead, find what makes you happy and reach for the stars;
Take hold of your dreams
Because if you believe,
All things are possible.
-Soul of Aly

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