Christmas moments

It’s Christmas Eve, And so many thoughts are collected in my mind. Memories of family gatherings of Christmas past. Memories of family gatherings of Christmas past at Grammy and Pop’s house on Christmas Eve, which has been our family’s tradition for over 33 years now. As far back as my earliest memory recognizes many join together and celebrate at Christmas timeThe extension of families piled in this half and house and we dance saying left and breathed but most of all good eating ’cause nobody cooks like Grammy! Then on Christmas Day Grammy and Pop and my other gram would come over first thing in the a.m. no matter what. I used to call them as soon as I woke up since my parents like to sleep in all the while knowing Gram would holler get up let’s go! Get up! it’s 11:00 and Christmas Day and we’d open presents and share pleasantries. Then for dinner, we would go to Grammy’s, and all of us kids run around rabid while being spoiled rotten by Grammy with presents! She sure did do it up big for Christmas decorations galore. And she spent big But she had to spend exactly the same amount on each of her group of KenThen either show would stay the night at my house or vice versa after begging your parents at Grammy’s We all used to be together both family and dear friends but with each passing year the gatherings grow more empty with our younger years Swept under the rug, Now new memories are made and new traditions transpire with the individual families that used to gather together. We’ve all grown into. And for all that have passed away. we no longer have them to celebrate without no matter what, family is the most important and having loyalty to your family is should virtue.
-Soul of Aly

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