Speak on it

I don’t ever have nothing to say, but too much for some. But for a moment in time, I can capture anyone’s attention just by being me. I am my own muse. Moreover, a mercenary. God’s mercenary. I am here as God’s child. The same as all of his children and I am walking the line he laid before me. My fate is important no matter what it may be because it is his will. I am not a lost soul, I am just following out a plan chosen way before this life began. The choices I make can never be wrong for they lead to a greater scheme in life. One that will follow its course no matter how many times I try to detour. Our destiny has been laid out among the stars and will ultimately deliver a greater message. I can be the icebreaker in any situation simply because I am being accepted admired and just plain comfortable. Who else has the intellect deep connection personal empathetic nature? Be you and let your freedom shine. And I can be a voice to someone who wants so badly to be heard, loved, recognized, or United. I am a pleasant surprise! Not a defiant, outspoken, too big for her britches girl. And you better believe that nobody does it better than me! And yes I did it anyway! I did it my way. Godspeed.

-Soul of Aly

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