Mother’s Day Pride

Take a journey with me down memory lane, shall we dance? Follow me then and I will allow you to explore what has developed as the bright and shining star that I am today. When you grow up with love and honor always around you tend to be a very loving person. I was taught from the day that my mother knew something was wrong during labor how our souls entangle and join together. For I knew I was being brought into something of a wonderful life because this woman who hadn’t even met me yet already felt my evident bond to this world. Who could ask for a deeper connection? I knew that what lay ahead for me would be very knowledgeable and something that I could take home with me and be proud of. I so often wonder what it is like to be a mother I watch my sisters with their children And I watch my mom when she’s not looking too and I just know that there can be no greater feeling than to be a parent I guess it’s because I always saw the pride in my mother’s eyes as she watched me grow and I always knew I wanted to be that person one day to someone else. I later began to think of why it is so great and what lies beneath the mother’s love and I learned is that it is Patience, it’s acceptance, it’s being totally in love with someone, and they become your whole life and there’s nothing else you would rather do than be with your child because they are not only spirits, they are a gift for us to guide. Better than just given to us, they are the people that are here to walk with and talk with us all the days of our lives with open eyes and open admiration. They look at you with such innocence and you can’t help but fall in love with them over and over again. Being a mother is so much more than changing diapers and washing clothes, it’s truly being a teacher. They soak up everything you do and say. They adopt your actions and say the craziest things that you don’t even realize you do and say and they do it out of adoration and admiration the special joy that lies in your face can come from nothing else but a child. Happy Mother’s Day 2005! Before I was a mother, in hindsight being a mother now, I know that there’s something I left out, there is the joy that comes from seeing your own self blossom in someone and something else. Seeing your own self in a new shade of light can bring you a sweet escape, a sweet sacrifice.
-Soul of Aly

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