Mr. T

If I could reach far beyond the stars into the wide-open spaces above, I would sing you a lullaby. I would tell you all the things you long to hear and all the feelings you desire to share would be ours to cling to. Missing you, seeing you, hearing your laugh and the sound of your voice dampen my pool of thoughts every morning when I open my eyes, and each night as the time carries on; you are always present. Your greatest achievement is your remarkable, compassionate, affectionate, intelligent, and endearing daughter. She continues to spread sunshine and perfume wherever she turns. Her smile is enough to heal broken promises and mend an otherwise tormented soul. You have left behind a most admirable and glorified wife who is adored by one and all. You certainly chose wisely when you decided to spend eternity with such a loving and forgiving woman who gave birth to children who were loved all the days of their life by all who knew them, even if your sons were called into God’s kingdom before you, they made their mark here on Earth. You were my confidant, my funny valentine, my ever so gracious dancing fool, and my everlasting love. I know that I am never without your love and presence, and though I cannot see your crystal blue eyes staring back at me I know you are watching over me and guiding me through my days. I love you with all the pieces of my soul Pop. You are and always will be the sun that shines above!
-Soul of Aly

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