Touched by an Angel

Life is full of surprises and challenges along the way and each and every day we learn something new.
If we look at this life as an adventure, we would soon be free of many burdens. Life surely has its ups and downs and the middle times too, and there are days when the sun comes shining through. There are people who lift your spirit and light up your life. There are people who keep you interested and for that, they are admired. When you admire someone, you see them without boundaries. You see their pride and their strength and their stubbornness too. You see them full of life and prosperity and wisdom surrounding their every thread of advice. When you can find someone who touches your heart in so many ways they always stay in your thoughts. They become the support you needed on that lonely day when all you had to do was think of them and smile. One thing that is for sure is that everything and everyone has their place in life. May you feel the sun upon your shoulders and the wind beneath your feet and flow with all of life’s moments. Let us not frown on this day but instead let us be lifted and touched by all of the things that we learned from our beloved.
An admirable and loving niece,
-Soul of Aly

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