Strength is mine. I will not fall into your trap. Show me tender feelings then paint everything black. Land of the free home of the brave. Where is my freedom? ‘Tis my sanity I wish to save. Thoughts of you still run rapidly like water into a spring. Where is my discipline in this matter? The melody of you, I can no longer sing. My mind is cluttered with dust. Take everything away with you if you must, when you go, for you, I cannot trust. For months I had mourned the loss, but then you came back calling me. I took you back without knowing the cause. I tried to be rid of you I used every defense I know your vanity suffocates me. Until I begin to grow in my conscious state I realize what you’ve done, but in my mind’s eye, I forget the evil you’ve come from. You’re still heavenly in my perception. The thought of that makes me sick. I need to find a way to get over you and I need to do it quick. Darkness always covers you no matter what I do or say. You still always seem to find me every minute of the day. I wonder what you think of me, sometimes I’m not sure. Please take back all the love I have for you because I don’t want it anymore
-Soul of Aly

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