Sometimes when you think of forever as only a fantasy. You can believe something to be true, but it’s only in your eyes.

No one can ever feel what you feel or think what you think except yourself. Things become trapped in your mind. Things that can bring you to the brink of your own hell. You created for yourself, but never does it occur to you until you feel yourself burning. You can’t stop what is destined to happen. Fate will take its place. There’s nothing you can do. Your passion is what keeps you alive. And if that passion should happen to die you will die along with it. You have to learn how to get into people’s minds It’s the only way out. If you become destroyed you are the only ones to blame. Poison will run through your veins if someone makes you feel violence. You will rage against your own. It has to be what you believe for it to be true.
-Soul of Aly

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