If only my heart could feel the way your heart feels.
Is there pain in your eyes or am I seeing my own reflection?
I can only feel love for you though I tried to feel anger.
The anguish drives me to tears, but there is still sunshine in my universe.
Our passion is quiet. Our connection is skin-deep.
The circumference of life is plentiful.
As is the divinity between us. You are my purest truth, my weakness. The smile on my soul and the blister on my heart.
The rain in my sky pours wisdom of you.
The clouds break and you fall.
Helplessly you crawl back to where you belong.
I hate that you bring me to my knees;
the fact that you screen your calls.
Why oh why won’t you let me in?
I’ll fill your mind with security.
I’ll complete your smile. I’ll shed light in your life, if you just let me love you.
-Soul of Aly

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