What about your friends?

I have found that in this life we meet people who change us forever. They actually get into our DNA and think like we do act like we do but they don’t always love like we do. I am fortunate enough to have known and to have grown with the high school friends who got me through my formidable years and I am thankful for the lessons learned, but I refuse to look back in the past and dwell on friendships that no longer exist! I’ve got ions of memories with my old friends, but can you even say someone is your friend if you don’t continue to make new memories? It has been said that if you are fortunate to have one real friend in your life count yourself blessed. I am lucky enough that God made two for me! Shout out to my sisters, Christa and Corinne Mosley. I’d be lost without you! Knowing that divine energy runs deep through the still waters of our souls, I can feel the magnetic zest in the air whenever we are together like we could transform all time and space. The three sisters who’ve never left each other’s comfort or solace and who will continue to make moves and make a difference in this universe. Now that my grammy is in heaven I know she’s got my back, and my parents, husband, and family have my back on Earth, it is my two sisters who bring out the best in me and allow my creativity and freedom to flow. It has also been said that we evolve and change every seven years or so and I believe that means we grow out of people too. We are forever learning and perfecting ourselves for our higher power. So thank you to my former influences and so-called friends, I appreciate the lessons you’ve taught me along the way, but I deserve to be appreciated too, don’t I? I found myself chasing the friends I used to have, but for what? We don’t even know each other anymore and have run out of good, wholesome things to share with one another. This isn’t goodbye, but rather much-needed closure. I vow to heed the words of my late grandmother and focus on my family because, in the end, that’s who’s going to continue to support and love you, not the people you used to call friends.
-Soul of Aly

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