The Three Sisters (Who Lived among the Stars)

One of the books I’m writing is titled the Three Sisters (who lived amongst the stars). I am so proud to call these two special women my best friends! We have known each other since we were five years old and never did we sever! we always stayed together! So girls holla if you hear me! I love you! Keep on being you and keep keeping it real! This is one of the many Pictures I adore and cherish most because it reminds me that life is always changing, but I know that as long as I have my girls I can do or be anything! And as the world turns, us girls will still shine! My twin sisters give me the courage that I need to just be free to be me! So thank you, girls, for always having my back and I will always have yours. When God created our friendship he made it everlasting so stay gold and we will be just like the golden girls when we are older. I can just picture us and my mom as Sophia!
-Soul of Aly

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