My Baby Bear

My mother is everything to me. She is my bestest friend, and she truly is my most precious confidant. I hold a torch for her, for being not only my hero but for so many others who look to her for peace of mind. And you always know you can be yourself with her because she never passes judgment. She encourages and inspires me to reach out and touch someone and be in touch with myself, as well as be at one with myself.

So thank you mom for teaching me and guiding me toward bluer skies. My wish is to be as grounded and as wise as she is one day when I am called upon. And on that faithful day, my heart will recall the voice of my mother and her hospitable, empathetic, and pragmatic nature and ability to always see the good in things and people. I may not be as quiet and meek as she, but I can be kind, generous, and most of all loyal like her, and for that, I am truly grateful.

This year as your birthday and mother’s day approach us, I will wrap you in warmth and love and hold you tight as I tell you how lucky and proud I am to call you my mom! And I know that if your own mother were still with us she would gently whisper to you that she is still here and especially on both of these days. And she is reunited with her family in heaven and she is watching over us and still rooting for us. Mama, you are our sunshine, and don’t you ever go away! With love and admiration always.
– Soul of Aly

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