My Utter Will

If you let me in, I will shower you with love.
If you take what I give, I can make you blissful.
If ever a time may come when you are weak, let me be your strength.
I will carry you away.
Count on me to be here forever.
Believe in me.
Trust my love.
In my heart and soul lies your love for me.
In your heart and soul lies my love for you
My eyes will never hide my feelings.
Your eyes shall not hide yours.
You have the power to know what I am thinking.
May we never have reason to part.
Our love can be that strong to last through all times.
We have what most people can only dream of.
You have me completely.
I live my life to love you and to build strength between us.
I continue to breathe to receive your love.
You are my will, my strength, my light, and my happiness.
May love surround you.
Your love has definitely captivated me.
I will never let go, no matter the barriers we face.
Our love is too strong to come to a halt,
to let something come in between.
In your world is where I want to stay.
in your arms is where I live to be.
Take me, have me, totally and completely.
-Soul of Aly

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