Make your own luck

This life that we lead is full of possibilities.
The universe bows to our every command, whether it is negative or positive emotions that guide us.
If we choose to quiet the negative barriers we’ve cultivated, a prosperous and wishful journey will appeal to our every desire.
Our thoughts become things.
Intuition is a powerful aspiration and virtue that we should all recognize and appreciate.
The powers that be, continue to strive for your well-being, but if you do not accept the endless design it brings, you will only struggle to succumb to indefinite natures.
The destiny that floats around you, like butterflies, will carry you to a better place and develop a pattern or path that is limitless and free. You must invoke an unconditional love for life.
There are so many expectations that spill over for you.
All you have to do is accept the idea of self-love and respect.
Obtain the attributes that follow you endlessly.
There is a higher power that sustains you.
It trembles inside but may be afraid to let go.
You have the freedom and the option to be a better you.
A stream of simplistic beauty flows through the ideas of prosperity. You have the ability to change direction at any given time.
If you are unhappy, you are not allowing your spirit to soar.
In this abundant and forgiving universe, there are so many paths that you have the freedom to choose.
Life should not be a struggle.
It is meant to be a journey of one’s soul and perfection of existence. Take time to allow your mind to provide an intimate scheme of habitual nature.
The leverage of hope and forgiveness lies in the eyes of the beholder.
Your past is not who you are.
It is who you were.
It is always the right time to begin again.
Self-love and respect will bring power and driven energy, and we’ll become oblivious to the menaces in our world.
Hence, they will bring you to higher ground and merciless tendencies.
Let your voice be heard.
Be the best you that you can be and there will never be a moment out of place.
Bon chance!
-Soul of Aly

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