I’ve been raped.
You stole my innocence.
My hidden emotions flood your head.
What are you thinking of me now?
If you leave, I’ll swallow my heart, my concern.
If you stay, nightmares could be erased.
Nearest and dearest.
Furthest and crazily humored.
Weird eyes turn heads.
My little piggy needed something new.
My mission has come to an end.
You don’t see the tears.
You don’t see the hurt.
You can’t feel my heart.
Too involved with yourself.
I think not.
Unwilling to grasp.
Now my eyes are growing darker.
My skin aches.
My fingers are raw from frustration.
My senses are worn to the bone.
You’ll see your own road.
I’m stalled at the moment.
I’ve become cumbersome.
I believe no less than what I’m told.
-Soul of Aly

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