Time changes so many people.
The world revolves around pain.
Where are all the happy moments?
The smiles and giggles fade away
into the bleakness of hatred and frowns.
Love shows no ending.
Perishing thoughts of insanity, crisis here.
Bear with me?
When will the sun shine again?
Clouds claim the innocence of the sky.
The spirit of wise and worthy.
Clear the view that can never be found.
Scripture erased by all means.
When you seek happiness, it can almost seem to be hiding from you. Lost in memories of the past.
The essence of faith surrounds those precious moments.
Where were the stars when I needed them?
When does it rain from the thunder-bursting clouds?
Creeping from behind, a feeling of craziness.
The other side, miserable and lifeless.
My utter love is dying.
My suspicions were wrong.
-Soul of Aly

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