An addict is never free until their mind is altered.
Every day and in every way, they want to find an escape.
They long for peace of mind,
and for confirmation that there is happiness in reality.
It is never found.
They are trapped inside their mind,
and they cannot breathe.
They are tired and weak.
They’re dying on the inside,
They realize this, but still, they continue to supplement
and believe that one day they will find grace without substitutes. They abide by their own rules
and live each day as if it were their last.
They are not content, but satisfied. It’s a sad life to lead,
but that they do.
They may be pathetic, but they have good qualities too.
When they see themselves for who they really are,
they believe that they too are a beautiful person,
aside from their faults and flaws.
If they didn’t have faults and flaws, they wouldn’t be human.
For everyone is born pure and innocent
and it is your choice whether or not you stay that way.
– Soul of Aly

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