I have this growing hate that never seems to fade.
I want to rip this girl’s heart out and feed it to the devil.
She has created too much anger for me to handle.
I have gone over the edge.
I’ve put myself on the line too many times.
My mind pounds so hard as if she’s in me.
She’ll never go away.
Everyone feels sympathy for this pathetic little bitch.
No one can see through her as I do.
Her whole being was based on lies, along with her feelings.
She’s destroyed me before I won’t let it happen again.
I would go to the extremes to rid her of happiness.
I hate her with the utmost passion.
I can’t believe this violence in mind.
Respect is forbidden.
How could someone want to ruin someone so intensely?
I want to end this killing witch.
She is poison.
One day,
I’ll feed this hateful, disgustful, lying little bitch her own medicine.
I have too much faith in myself and in my love to let her get my full attention.
Everyone pays for their sins in the end.
I’ll just have to wait to watch her suffer.
That will be the greatest joy worth all my smiles.

-Soul of Aly

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