Mixed up

You rained down on me. Luckily I brought my umbrella. Ringing the telephone. Such nonsense. Use me, as you have done so many times. I am building a covet with only one entrance. Love is the only guest welcome. Unlikely to hear your voice, my hands begin to shake. Love is entering the bloodstream. Detachable friendship must be forbidden because here you are. After I made myself let go, you came into my life for the thousandth time and yet it feels like the third. You know, the stage when you’ve become so comfortable with one another that your character is never out of place. Will you stay next to me? If you go, will you take me with you? I just want to be with the man that I wholeheartedly and utterly love. Will you give me that chance? When you wish upon a star, do your dreams really come true? Wait, there’s my wishing star now.
-Soul of Aly

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