Unthinkable Disaster

The thoughts going through my mind seem to be wandering in different directions. I shovel through the piles of dismay and misunderstanding. I haven’t a clue what I could have possibly done to make my love feel unsure of me. I am encompassed by all of the Sun Gods around me. I perish the thought of you leaving. In my heart there seems to be an emptiness growing. However, there is a fulfillment that derives from your presence. If you let me, I will shower you with love. It’s the only thing I’ve ever known to do. But my belief of love is to completely and utterly share your feelings. And to love someone for all that they are. You mustn’t only accept half of a person. You have to love them with all truths that are self-evident. No matter what their flaws may be they’re still human. I am starting to feel an abundance of pain. I never want to feel this aching again. Loss is scary and it’s an emotional feeling. But it’s inevitable because there are always wars to be fought. I come to you and ask you to please spare me. Let me not suffer despair. I couldn’t take the loss of you. I’d be a wreck without you.

-Soul of Aly

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