Questionable Motives

Questionable motives.
Pleasure is unaccepted.
Gifted with ignorance, like a hot sewerage pipe.
Feel the pain.
Sweet feet.
Hello, don’t think so.
The difference within you is remarkable.
But you still breathe out foam.
Speak soft-spoken.
I’m trying to deny your power over me.
Yet, the waves come crashing down as you came once again.
My empire has been torn down.
Credit is due to the filthy one.
Respect me when you rescue me.
Where are all the pretty people?
I see nothing but glimpses.
Clips and phrases drift down the tracks, single file past the red light.
Stardom can turn you cold.
Spacious room for two.
Scattered pictures.
Blissful memories of who I used to be.
Ink running down the wall.
Or is that blood?
My layers of skin hold body heat.
I am real just like human beings.
But the spirit inside me goes beyond explanation.
Should I stay or should I go?
I’ll claim my piece.
You claim yours.
I know you want it so take it.
Fill your fat head until it explodes.
I want you to feel what I used to feel.
It’s crazy isn’t it.? Go ahead and take another bite.
Tasty isn’t it?
Poison can be so very attractive.
-Soul of Aly

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