On Deadly Waters

I heard the news of your arrival and a tear from my eye.
Shaking impulses and havoc stirring.
I can’t stop what’s coming.

Can’t stop what’s on its way.
I lie awake, but half asleep,
wondering if your voice will be heard again through my ears.
Our bond is thick like honey and just as sweet.
I always thought we could hear and feel each other’s pain.
We used to run to one another with open arms and wash that pain away.
You changed my life from the moment you entered.
At first, we loved, and then with a series of moments, that love turned into grueling hate and obsession.
We overcame the impossible and never again did we find those hidden angers.
We’d become kindred spirits and loved each other wholeheartedly.
We’ve cried on each other’s shoulders in the security of our love.
We laughed together
We live this life, together.
Losing our religion, We both fell into the traps of addiction.
Now we struggle with the demons we’ve created and we live in our own separate hells.
I just want us to find the place where we used to rest.
The love we used to have, I know it’s still returned by you.
But my instincts can sometimes be a bit rusty.
If I am wrong about you, I’ll face the unbearable anguish I’ve known for an eternity.

Please don’t leave me alone.
I’m a wreck without you.
-Soul of Aly

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