A stroll with your best confidant and everything seems powerless and free.
Release, a tribute to pleasure.
Final redemption.
Stress can be told.
A brisk walk runs into a roadblock.
There he stood, surrounded by terror at the site of me.
My eyes met his. but only for a brief moment
My pulse started to race
My mind ran down the street as my body crept.
Why did this of all things come up at this very moment in time?
I never wanted out more than now.
Get out of my sight.
My peripheral vision has gone blind.
You are erased from my view.
As your car drove by, all that was seen was your yellow being;
your sour soul.
Your head games defeated my meaning.
I lie in the era of betrayal.
You suck in your boat-fixated world.
Die will you?
I hate your spirit?
I am deprived of sensibility.
My conscience just ripped off my head.
My blood no longer bleeds you.
My curiosity has been answered.
I do not truly love your capacity.
It was just another head game.
-Soul of Aly

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