How can I live in the line of deception once again?
So many things were brought to me all at once.
You tried to give me love, I can not deny you of that.
This is not your fault.
I was not made to be loved.
My warmth was provided by you, but now it’s only coldness you provide.
This was never meant to be this way.
It was supposed to be uplifting.
I am burning in hell.

A hell you created.
I gave you all I had to give.
Why couldn’t you just love me?
Why couldn’t you give me the freedom that you had?
I am my own person now.
I no longer live my life for anyone but myself.
I enjoyed having someone to give my all.
I’m sorry you took that away.
I am not safe.
I am not saved by you.
You took my last breath.
You captured my soul.
You will never leave me.
I will never leave you.
We may not be together in reality, but you cannot deny our memories.
My love will fulfill you until you have left this world.
You were my best friend.
If you accept who I am, things could still remain the same.
Hate shall never befall me.
Love is still injected.
You still shine in my eyes.
I will never forget you.
I will never forgive you for making me fall so deeply in love with you.
You were my first real love.
You will not be forgotten.
You cannot deny me.
I know that I touched a part of you that no one else has ever seen, nor will anyone ever touch again.
Insanity is not a part of me and thoughts of it shall never evolve in your mind again.
Believe me, when I say, I’m sorry this had to happen to such a beautiful part of our lives.
-Soul of Aly

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