A disease is running through my veins.
A passion that is so overwhelming it sucks you in.
You breathe insecurity.
Pressure drowns your presence.
Blood boils in your brain.
You’re lacking in friends.
people destroy your morals.
Disrespect flows without notice.
It’s too late for forgiveness.
So stray until you have nowhere else to go.
Escape your so-called real world.
Who’s really living in a cell?
Your brain cell that is.
You’re stuck with nothing but ongoing thoughts.
How does it feel to finally know?
You’ve made yourself out to be quite a catch, haven’t you?
But there’s always cocaine of course,
Fearing your life is where you are.
Fearing for your life is where I am.
Avoiding me will get you nowhere.
In the end, I know that I’m still in your mind.
You know what they say, It takes one to know one.
-Soul of Aly

One response to “Discharged”

  1. Heartfelt and raw. Love it.đź’•


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