Crossing Over

Bright light fusion.
Screams blister the sun.
A blankness fills the skull I’m surrounded in.
I’m hanging by a thread of string that is stuck to your thumb.
Fatality is an oblique momentum that keeps you longing for life to begin.
Cursed with the belief of freedom, when I know it, all comes along with fear.
Being too free can make you understand that there is no hell worse than the one you’re in.
The sky glistens in pinks and oranges, and then in blues and grays.
The tunnel is dark.
A flood light should be provided.

The form of the stars brightens the way.

Skepticism crawls into the tiny hole of faith, and I begin to swirl.

I’m screaming through my skin.
I dove into the shallow end of the pool.
I love to hate you, but I hate to long for you.
Sooner than later is always best when you’re in a brain that has no time to rest.
I bleed from my eyes.
Feeling short of stability.
You take the short road and I’ll take the long way home.
Freshly sealed in plastic My mind is paved in glass.
Once broken, there is no turning back.
The heart cannot be healed without any means of resurrection.
I suppose that’s why I’m still stuck in this mess.
-Soul of Aly

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